SELECT - Introduction

SELECT is a database of registered suppliers providing Construction, Architectural and Engineering (Consulting) services as well as related Maintenance services. It is used by Public Works and Government Services Canada to invite firms to bid on Real Property opportunities for Consulting, Construction and Maintenance up to $100,000.

Please Note:

  1. Before you can register your firm in SELECT, you must first be registered in the Supplier Registration Information System.
  2. SELECT requires 128-bit encryption. If you do not have a browser that is 128-bit encryption compatible, it is suggested you obtain one before proceeding.
  3. If, after registering, your firm ceases to be Internet capable, a PWGSC Supplier Registration Agent will maintain your registration on your behalf. Click on the Contact SELECT link to obtain the list of regional contacts.

Registering In SELECT

In order to proceed, you require your firm's:

  1. Procurement Business Number from SRI
  2. SRI Username
  3. SRI Password

A) New Registrants

After sign in, you will be given the choice to register for either Construction and Maintenance or Consulting (includes: Architecture, Engineering or related real property Consulting) services. If you wish to register for both services, complete the registration for one then return to the Construction/Consulting page to register for the other.

Construction & Maintenance Contract Registration

You will be required to provide:

  1. General company information
  2. Specific Trades for which your firm wishes to apply
  3. Licence Data (if you are registering for a licensed trade)
  4. Reference Project Data

Consulting Contract Registration

You will be required to provide:

  1. General company information
  2. The provinces (corresponding to Disciplines) in which your firm is currently licensed or authorized to practice
  3. Employee Qualification Information
  4. Project Information and Employee Responsibility on each project

Your firm's status is 'New' until you complete and submit your registration at which point, the status becomes 'Pending' and you are not permitted to modify your account. When PWGSC begins its evaluation, the status is 'Under Review' and you are not permitted to modify your account when your firm status is either 'Pending' or 'Under Review'. Upon approval by PWGSC, your status is changed to 'Active' and you may modify your account.

Should PWGSC not accept your application, the information you have provided will be deleted. If you wish to REAPPLY, you must do so as a "New" registrant.

B) Updating an Existing Account

1 - Updates

While your firm's status is NEW you can update all of your firm data. When your firm's registration is ACTIVE, you can update all EXCEPT your "Project Descriptions" and "Reference Projects", which are now 'read-only'.

2 - Voluntary Deactivation

Your firm has the option to deactivate itself from a vendor selection list for a period not to exceed one year. Upon the end of your deactivation period, your firm will rejoin the selection process without any negative impacts.

Should your firm wish to rejoin the selection process prior to the deactivation period end date, you may do so by amending or resetting this date.

C) Anniversary date

It is the responsibility of the contractor/consultant to verify within a 12 month period upon the date of registration that the submitted information contained herein accurately reflects the company profile. Subsequently, the contractor is required to reverify that information within every 12 months thereafter. Failure to verify information may result in the firm's removal from the system.

Need Help?

For a detailed explanation of the registration process, or to view a description for a field, please click the SELECT - Help link.

If you have any questions, please click the Contact SELECT link for the name of the contact within your region, who can provide assistance.


SELECT is a Public Works and Government Services Canada database of firm information. The intent is to provide PWGSC with a list of firms that are qualified to perform specialty contractor or Architectural and Engineering consulting services. Accepted firms' registrations guarantee eligibility for invitation, but the frequency of invitation is subject to the demand for the work and the number of registered firms qualified to perform the requirement.

All information provided constitutes a government record and, as such, is subject to applicable laws and regulations, including the National Archives Act, the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act (where personal information is provided). By submitting the SELECT Firm Registration/Maintenance forms, you agree to the release of information held in the SELECT system to various levels of governments in Canada (federal government departments and agencies, Crown corporations and provincial or municipal governments).

It is the responsibility of the firm to update and maintain relevant information stored in the SELECT database on a regular basis.